BLAST R6 EU League Qualifier (Closed)

To Rulebook: R6 CENTRAL COMBINE (v1.1.4)

Rule Adjustments:

  • If a spot has already been earned, no other qualifier of a different qualifier type may be participated in.

Rules Summary:

Team - No restrictions
- Ping regulation must be able to be adhered to
Players - min. 18 years
Skins Permitted optical modifications:
- Esports Programs' Cosmetics
- Pro League skins (gold sets)
- Pro teams branded cosmetics
- Victory Celebrations
- Operator Portraits
- Card Backgrounds
- Unique Ability: Only Default Skins


Oregon, Clubhouse, Kafe Dostojewski, Chalet, Villa, Bank, Theme Park, Skyscraper, Border

Match settings:

Data Center:Dedicated Server (Region: EU Central)
Voice Chat:Team only
Match Replay:On
HUD settings:Pro League
Match settings:
Number of Bans:4
Ban Timer:20
Number of Rounds:12
Attacker/Defender Role swap: 6
Overtime Rounds:On
Overtime Rounds:3
Overtime Score Difference:2
Overtime Role Change:1
Objective Rotation Parameter: 2
Objective Type Rotation:Rounds Played
Pick Phase Timer:20
Operator HP:100
Friendly Fire Damage:100
Friendly Fire in Prep Phase:Off
Reverse Friendly Fire:Off
Death Duration:2
Death Replay:Off
Tactical Timeout:
Requests available per team:1
Allow requests from:Players
Timeout duration:45
Game Mode BOMB:
Plant Duration:7
Defuse Duration:7
Fuse Time:45
Defuse Carrier Selection:On
Preparation Phase Duration:45
Action Phase Duration:180