The R6 Central Combine!

2023 holds a few new formats for every ambitious Rainbow Six: Siege player in europe.
For the EU Central Region we present: The R6 Central Combine!

R6 Central Combine consists of two slots for BLAST R6 Europe Teams, six slots for national teams from the EU Central regions and 18 teams that go through our open qualifiers.

While both EU League teams will directly qualify for the playoffs, the R6 Central Combine creates new space to showcase yourself, if you and your team are going to join our brand new, four-phased system!

R6 Central Combine - Timeline Phases

Phase 1: Qualifying

As mentioned before, there will be a closed qualifier for the BLAST R6 Europe League teams, as only two of these are allowed to compete in the R6 Central Combine.

Next up we have an exclusive qualifier for teams that were part of the GSA League, V4 Masters or Benelux League in 2022 (including 2023 Relegation results!). The top four teams of this qualifier move on to phase two!

As this is an EU Central format, teams having three of five players from the EU Central region will get their own closed qualifier. The top two teams qualify for phase two!

After the closed qualifiers are set and done, there are 18 more spots to be filled. This is where the open qualifiers begin!

By competing in four qualifiers, your team can collect points to qualify. You can’t attend one of the qualifiers or just felt like having a bad day? No problem at all! The qualifier with the least score per team will not be taken into account.

Ranking top 18 after four qualifiers will qualify you for phase 2: The Division Clash!

R6 Central Combine - Timeline Qualifier

Phase 2: Division Clash

Now, having 24 teams in phase two, they will be divided into six groups called “Divisions”, with two divisions forming a Conference.

To start off, every team plays against the teams in their division. After playing against every team once, the current first place of each Division will meet the current 4th ranked team of the other division within their Conference, while the 2nd placed team meets the opposing third. These matches are called “Cross-Divisionals”.

The teams will then continue another round of matches within their Division, once again creating a new ranking. Completed, they will play another cross-divisional match against the teams that then sit on the defined ranks, with the current first of Division A meeting the current fourth of the opposing Division B and so on.

After two rounds, the top two teams of each Division advance to phase three, eliminating 12 of 24 teams after said eight matches.

R6 Central Combine - Phase 2

Phase 3: Conference Clash

With two teams of each Division left, two divisions merge into a Conference. Now having 12 teams split into three conferences, every team plays against every team from the other Conferences once - not meeting the teams in their own conference again. With every team having eight more matches in this phase, there will be a combined standing for all twelve teams, collecting points by winning matches. Six teams will survive this phase joining the two BLAST R6 Europe League teams from our closed qualifiers for a playoff bracket.

R6 Central Combine - Phase 3

Phase 4: Playoffs

In phase 4, the teams will be seeded on the basis of their entering. The winner of our BLAST R6 Europe League qualifier gets seeded first, followed by its second and then the six teams from phase three.

Now, we have one more thing to share: The Prize money contribution. Making it to the playoffs, will already grant you 1000 € cash - even if you lose in round one! With every win in the playoffs, each team will earn money, increasing as the tournament progresses. Winning the playoffs will make the winner earn 15.000 € of the 40.000 € total prize pool!

R6 Central Combine - Phase 4