National Qualifier (Closed)

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Tournament Start

20.06.2023 19:00 o'clock


Welcome to phase one of the R6 Central Combine! This is your qualifier, exclusively for national league teams from the eu central regions.

This qualifier will be played in a BO1, single elimination bracket. Every team that doesn’t qualify through this tournament can attend every further qualifier.

Each Match will have a Match-Channel created on our discord to communicate with the opposing team, as well as the tournament administration. Please join our Discord now and link your profile with discord to be automatically added to the Match-Channel!

As the R6 Central Combine is neither the 2023 Season for national leagues, nor a part of a R6 Global Circuit as before, teams are allowed to participate with their current roster, as long as there is an official license holder on the team (license holders can be coaches/managers as usual).

Also, the Off-Season has been too long and the rulings within the regions too different, to make a three out of five rule somewhat fair and applicable for the teams.

Tournament start (Tuesday): 19:00 CEST
2nd round: 20:15 CEST
3rd round: 21:30 CEST

Tournament start (Wednesday): 19:00 CEST (4th round) 5th round: 20:15 CEST
6th round: 21:30 CEST

Tournament start (Thursday): 19:00 CEST (7th round) 8th round: 20:15 CEST
9th round: 21:30 CEST

New to R6 Central Combine? Let's get started!

Join us:

  1. Login using your R6 Central Combine account or register a new account.
  2. Please make sure to enter your "Ubisoft Connect ID" (xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx).
  3. Navigate to "My Account" -> "My Profile" -> Connect your Discord-Account (make sure to connect the correct Discord account, you are currently using!). With this connection, you will get access to your matchchannels while participating a tournament.

Get your team ready:

  1. Navigate to "My Account" -> "My Teams".
  2. Click "Create Team" to create a new team.
  3. Enter your team details and press "Create now".
  4. You can find and edit your team in "My Account" -> "My Teams".
  5. Make sure your teammates create an account.
  6. Invite your teammates to your team by using the "Invitation link" you can find in your team.
  7. Please make sure that at least 2-3 members of your team have their Discord account connected in their account.
  8. Since this is a Closed Qualifier, check in on our Discord via ticket after team creation. We will assign your team to the tournament afterwards.

Tournament participation checklist:

  • Did you connect your correct Discord account in your account?
  • Do 2-3 players from your team have Discord and linked?
  • Make sure you can find your team in "Participants" after signing up for a tournament.
  • Make sure to read the tournament description carefully to know all the important information about the tournament.
  • You can find the full rulebook for each tournament in "Rules"